Deep Dive: Why the Expensify Card will save me time and is the best card for my business

Victoria O'leary
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Have you ever wanted to cut your entire expense reporting process down to a few seconds? Well then I'm about to make your day - that's exactly what the Expensify Card can do! How? I'm glad you asked!

How does the Expensify Card save me time?

It's no secret by now that we at Expensify have no time for expense reporting (ironic, huh?!) and we don't think our customers have time for it either because there are so many more valuable things you could be doing with your time - almost anything other than expense reporting if we're honest! So we set out on a mission with a simple goal - increase time savings for employees as well as admins. Enter, the Expensify Card!

Unlike other bank connections, you don't need to patiently wait for transactions to post to your bank just so you can import them into Expensify. The Expensify Card adds expenses to the users' Expensify account just moments after the transaction is made! All the cardholder needs to do is use their card, resolve any notifications/violations sent immediately after the purchase, and they're done!  

So what does this mean? The entire expense reporting process is cut down to a few seconds! Not to mention reducing the 
admins' reconciliation workload.

Why is the Expensify Card the best card for your business?

Well, if the time saving isn't enough to convince you, I have a few more reasons for you!
Isn't it frustrating at the end of the month, trying to complete reconciliation but some of these expenses happened 30 days ago and memories are not always that reliable! Well, the flow we've designed allows the admin to reconcile the Expensify Card on a daily basis instead of having to wait until the end of the month. This helps to eliminate reconciliation uncertainty with real-time alerts to every charge, every time.
But wait, there's more...

Save money by Bundling

There are no additional fees when you adopt the Expensify Card, quite the opposite! When you bundle the Expensify Card with your plan you save money on your bill by avoiding additional unbundling fees

Perks included at no cost

The regular pricing also covers all perks including travel booking.

No interest

There is no interest when using the Expensify Card.

No commitment

There is no commitment at all with the Expensify Card and the user can cancel cards at any time.

Real-time experience

By providing our own card feed, Expensify is able to give customers a true real-time experience where receipt images can automatically merge with the bank transactions that immediately download into the user’s account.

Automatic settlement

We use the bank account already configured on Expensify to automatically debit (settle) the full balance owed. No need to remember to pay off the card or set up automatic payments.

Ready to get started? Everything you need is right here.