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Deep Dive - Configure Export Settings for Sage Intacct

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edited September 25 in Deep Dive Docs
When connected to Intacct you have a number of settings and options in Expensify that determine how information appears once exported. To configure these options, Admins that are connected to Intacct can locate these settings by following Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections and select Configure under Intacct. 

Preferred Exporter

Any policy admin can export to Sage Intacct, but only the preferred exporter will see reports that are ready for export in their Inbox.


Choose which date you would like your Expense Reports or Vendor Bills to use when exported.

  • Date of last expense uses the date on the most recent expense added to the report.
  • Exported date is the date you export the report to Sage Intacct.
  • Submitted date is the date the report creator originally submitted the report.

Reimbursable expenses

Depending on your initial setup, your reimbursable expenses will be exported as Expense Reports or a Vendor Bills to Sage Intacct.

Here is what the expense will look like in Expensify:

If exporting as Expense Reports, this is how it will appear in Sage Intacct:

When exporting as Vendor Bills, here is how the bill will appear in Intacct:

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

Non-reimbursable expenses will export separately from reimbursable expenses, either as Vendor Bills, or as credit card charges to the account you select. If you are centrally managing your company cards through Domain Control, you can export expenses from each individual card to a specific account in Intacct.

When exporting as Vendor Bills, here is how the bill will appear in Intacct:

If exporting as Credit Card Transactions, this is how they will appear in Sage Intacct:

Please note, Credit Card Transactions cannot be exported to Sage Intacct at the top-level if you have Multi-Currency enabled, so you will need to select an entity in the configuration of your Expensify Policy by going to Settings > Policies > Groups > [Policy Name] > Connections Configure: 

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