Reimbursed expenses

DOtto Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

Is there a way to view all reimbursed expenses on an expense report without having to open up each one? An expense report can include both credit card and reimbursable, so is there an easy way to see the detail that agrees to the total to be reimbursed?


  • Sheena Trepanier
    Sheena Trepanier Expensify Team, Approved! Accountant, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 1,362 Expensify Team

    Hi @DOtto, I hope you're having a great week! At this time the only way to see the breakdown of the reimbursable and non-reimbursable totals would be to click on the report to view it.

    I did have a little idea though, and wanted to run a hypothetical scenario by you. I was wondering, if you hovered over the report total from the report screen (with your cursor/mouse), and we displayed a popup showing the reimbursable, non-reimburable, and billable totals, would that be sufficient for your needs?