Deep Dive: Best practices for upgrading from a free account

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While a free Expensify account is great, you can get a whole lot more value out of Expensify by upgrading! Your upgrade choice will depend on whether you want to use Expensify solo (to track your own spend or submit to someone outside of Expensify) or you want to use Expensify for your company or group. 

Upgrade to a Monthly Subscription with an individual policy

If you're currently using Expensify for free to Track or Submit expenses, then you're limited to 25 free SmartScans per-month. If you reach that limit, we'll prompt you to upgrade to an individual Monthly Subscription.

If you'd like to upgrade immediately, you can go to Settings > Policies Individual > Subscription and click Activate Subscription.

Get your company using Expensify via group policies

Your Expensify group policy is where you create expense rules, define approval workflows, manage integrations, configure reimbursements, and more. Expensify has two different group policy types: Collect and Control. Check out our policy types section to learn more about the different options. 

Create a group policy

If you are a brand new user, you will see a task in your Inbox asking if you are setting up Expensify for business or Individual. 

Choosing Business will create a basic group policy, so go ahead and do that now. Selecting Individual will keep you on a free Expensify account unless you choose to upgrade to an individual Monthly Subscription.

If you’re not a new user, you can create a new policy at any time from our pricing page. Just click Add under the group policy type of your choice:

You can view all pricing options by choosing the Billing options on the bottom left as well as a Feature Breakdown on the bottom right.

Once you have created your group policy, you can see your subscription settings on your Settings > Policies > Group > Subscription page.

To learn more about the various options, continue reading on the Billing Options help page.

For a live overview of the Policy Admin role, policy management and administration, register for our free Admin Onboarding Webinar!

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