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Deep Dive: How does the Tripcatcher integration work and who should use it?

Alejandro Paz
Alejandro Paz Expensify Team Posts: 86 Expensify Team
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If you're based in the UK you'll know how complex the rules for tracking mileage and reclaiming VAT are.  Fear not as Tripcatcher and Expensify have teamed up to bring you HMRC compliant mileage tracking and expense reports that don't suck!

Trips created in Tripcatcher are published directly to Expensify where they can be submitted for approval and exported to your accounting package.  

Tripcatcher is the perfect option if you/your employees:

  1. Are tracking mileage in the UK

  2. Need to claim back VAT on petrol spend

  3. Use the standard government HMRC mileage rates

  4. Do not need customized rates further than those set by HMRC

Pre-requisites for connecting

  • Be an admin using a group policy on a Collect or Control plan

  • Enable your Domain - this is required to authorize Tripcatcher access to publish to your Expensify account

  • Enable Tax Tracking on the policy you want to connect - this is required to claim VAT on trips

  • Already have a Tripcatcher account?  Contact Tripcatcher Support

Creating the connection

  • After completing the pre-requisites, go to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy name] > Connections > Tripcatcher > Connect

  • Fill out the online form authorizing Tripcatcher and Expensify to share your information.  Ensure a member of the Domain completes this form

  • After submitting your form we will start the process of connecting your Expensify account to Tripcatcher

  • You will receive an invitation within 48 hours to finish setting up your Tripcatcher account when the connection is ready

  • Follow the steps to create your account and invite other users to Tripcatcher

Creating trips

  • Use the Tripcatcher mobile or web app to create trips using GPS, start and end location, distance or favorite trips

  • Upon saving, your trip will automatically be published to Expensify with claim and VAT amounts

  • Mileage claims can be added to reports and submitted for approval along with other expenses and exported to your accounting package of choice.

Tripcatcher or Expensify?

  • Tripcatcher should be used by UK businesses tracking their mileage using the HMRC rates and reclaiming VAT

  • Expensify's mileage tracking functionality should be used if you're outside the UK, using custom rates or not claiming VAT

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