Deep Dive: Managing card preferences best practices

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Expensify is the perfect tool to manage your company cards. What you can do (compared to individual employees importing card(s) via their Settings):
  • Import and assign cards from a central location as a Domain Admin
  • Populate expenses directly to the cardholder’s Expensify account, where they will code and add receipts before the report is submitted for approval and export. SmartScanned receipts will automatically merge with imported card expenses.
  • Use the brilliant Reconciliation Dashboard at the end of the month to match your statement and accounting system to Expensify.

Card settings: After establishing either a Commercial card feed or Direct bank connection, you can select your card setting preferences for whether expenses can be marked as reimbursable (or not) and whether expenses can be deleted (or not).

Manage card settings

To manage your card settings go to Settings > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Company Cards > Settings tab

Reimbursable preference

Here you can control the reimbursable flagging for your employees' company card expenses.

  • Force Yes will mark all expenses as reimbursable (i.e. payable back to the employee) and the employee will not be able to change this
  • Force No will mark all expenses as non-reimbursable (i.e. not payable back to the employee) will not be able to change this
  • Do Not Force will default expenses to either reimbursable or non-reimbursable (whichever you select) but will allow employees the ability to change if needed.

Liability type

  • Corporate liability: Users are not allowed to delete company card expenses
  • Personal liability: Users are allowed to delete company card expenses

Settings or changes to these settings will apply only to expenses imported after the date the setting is saved. The setting will not be retroactive.

Preferred Policy

This setting assigns this feed's expenses to a report on the selected policy. This can be convenient when your users are on multiple policies and need to make sure to report their company card expenses to a particular policy.

For a live overview of reporting, reconciling and managing company cards, register for our free Company Cards Administration webinar

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