Deep Dive: Best practices for setting up a Track plan

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If you've made it here, you've likely already learned about the Track plan and who should use it. If not, check out this post for more information!

In this post, we'll break down how to set up the Track Plan in the best way possible:

Optimal Track plan setup

No account set up is perfect for every user, but here's a list of important items that you might want to double-check to ensure your Expensify account is optimal for personal tracking:

  • You only have an Individual policy. 

Navigate to Settings > Policies > Individual, where you'll have a single Individual policy that you set up via the Inbox. In most cases, if you look under the Group tab, you likely won't see any other policies listed. Group policies are typically for folks who belong to organizations using Expensify as a whole.

  • You've set up categories and tags to help you keep track of different expense types

The Track plan comes with a set of default categories that should match with IRS Schedule C expense categories, but you can add additional categories at any time by following the steps here. If you need even more granular coding, consider setting up some tags for another breakdown layer.

  • You've got an active Monthly Subscription

25 free SmartScans is a great starting point, but most folks will find that manual entry just ain't worth it. Signing up for the Monthly Subscription is the best way to turn paper receipts into virtual expenses with no typing required.

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