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You've got your policy set up, you're connected to Sage Intacct, and you're ready to take the next step. Let's talk about advanced settings!

A quick note before we begin:

For multi-entity environments, you'll find a dropdown at the top of the sync options menu where you'll have the option of syncing with the top-level or a specific entity in your Sage Intacct instance. If you sync at the top level, we pull in employees and dimensions that are shared at the top level and export transactions to the top level. Otherwise, we sync information with the entity.

Auto Sync

When a non-reimbursable report is final approved, it will be automatically exported to Sage Intacct. 

In general, non-reimbursable expenses should always sync to the next open period in Sage Intacct by default.

If your company uses Expensify's ACH reimbursement, reimbursable expenses will be held back and exported to Sage when the report is reimbursed.

Q: What if my report isn't automatically exported to Sage Intacct?

There are a number of factors that can cause automatic export to fail. If this happens,

  • The preferred exporter will receive an email and an Inbox task outlining the issue and any associated error messages.
  • The same information will be populated in the comments section of the report.

The fastest way to find a resolution for a specific error is to search the Community, and if you get stuck, give us a shout!

Once you've resolved any errors, you can manually export the report to Sage Intacct.

Q: How can I make sure that I final approve reports before they're exported to Sage Intacct?

Make sure your approval workflow is configured correctly so that all reports are reviewed by the appropriate people within Expensify before exporting to Sage Intacct.

Also, if you have verified your domain, consider strictly enforcing expense policy workflows. You can set this up via Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Groups.

Q: If I enable Auto Sync, what happens to existing approved and reimbursed reports? 

If your policy has been connected to Intacct with Auto Sync disabled, you can safely turn on Auto Sync without affecting existing reports which have not been exported.

  • If a report has been exported to Intacct and reimbursed via ACH in Expensify, we'll automatically mark it as paid in Intacct during the next sync
  • If a report has been exported to Intacct and marked as paid in Intacct, we'll automatically mark it as reimbursed in Expensify during the next sync
  • If a report has not been exported to Intacct, it will not be exported to Intacct automatically

Inviting employees

Enabling Invite Employees allows the integration to add your employees automatically to your policy and create an Expensify account for them if they don't have one. 

Note: If you have your domain verified on your account, you'll have to make sure that the Expensify account connected to Sage Intacct is an admin on your domain

When you toggle on Invite Employees on the Advanced tab, all employees in Sage Intacct who have not been invited to the Expensify group policy you are connecting will get an email invitation to join the group policy. 

Approval workflow will be defaulted to Manager Approval and can be further configured on the People settings page. 

Import Sage Intacct Approvals

When the Import Sage Intacct Approvals setting is enabled, Expensify will automatically set each user's manager listed in Sage Intacct as their first approver in Expensify. If no manager exists in Sage Intacct, the approver can be set in the Expensify People table. 

You can also add a second level of approval to your Sage Intacct integration by setting a final approver in Expensify.

Please note that if you need to add or edit an optional final approver, you will need to select the “Manager Approval” option in the workflow.

Here is how each option works:

  1. Basic Approval - All users submit to one user.
  2. Manager Approval - Each user submits to the manager (imported from Sage Intacct). Each manager forwards to one final approver. Please note that the final approver is an optional field.
  3. Configure Manually - Import employees only, configure workflow in Expensify.

Sync Reimbursed Reports

When using Expensify ACH,  reimbursable reports exported to Intacct are exported:

  • as Vendor Bills to the default Accounts Payable account set in your Intacct Accounts Payable module configuration
  • as Expense Reports to the Employee Liabilities account in your Time & Expenses module configuration.

When ACH reimbursement is enabled, the Sync Reimbursed Reports feature will additionally export a Bill Payment to the selected Cash and Cash Equivalents account listed. 

If Auto Sync is enabled, the payment will be created when the report is reimbursed; otherwise, it will be created the next time you manually sync the policy.

Intacct requires that the target account for the Bill Payment be a Cash and Cash Equivalents account type; if you aren't seeing the account you want in that list, please first confirm that the category on the account is Cash and Cash Equivalents.

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