Deep Dive: How does Concierge Receipt Audit work?

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What is Concierge Receipt Audit?

Concierge Receipt Audit is realtime audit and compliance of receipts submitted by employees and policy users. Concierge checks every receipt for accuracy and compliance, flagging any expenses that seem fishy before expense reports are even submitted for approval. All risky expenses are highlighted for manual review, leaving you with more control over and visibility into employee expenses.


Currently, we are in the process of rolling out Concierge Receipt Audit to our enterprise customers.  If you don't see it yet, we hope to get it to you soon!

How does Concierge Receipt Audit work?

1. Concierge will SmartScan every receipt to verify the data input by the user matches the currencydate, and amount on the physical receipt.

2. After the report is submitted for approval, Concierge highlights any differences between the SmartScanned values and the employee's chosen input.

3. Each receipt that has been verified will show the "Verified" logo

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