Deep Dive: What expense information is available based on role?

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The amount of data you're able to view is entirely dependent upon your role(s) within any policies you're a part of:

  • Any user, on a Free or paid plan, that doesn't approve expenses will be able to view their own expenses only. 

  • Users that also approve their Team's reports and submit their own will be able to view expenses and analytics on their whole team's expenses. 

  • Users with an admin role will be able to view analytics for every expense added to a report by any user on the policy.

Running expense analytics follows the same rules. All the reports and data graphs you generate will be created based on the expense data you have access to.

Need access to more expense data?

If you need access to more data then check internally to see if you can be:
  • Given an admin role in your group policies 

  • Added as a copilot for an existing admin account 

  • Added as an approver to an existing workflow

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