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Deep Dive: Best practices and when to use Copilot

Ariel Green
Ariel Green Expensify Team Posts: 111 Expensify Team
edited May 17 in Deep Dive Docs
The Copilot role allows you to grant another Expensify user limited access to your Expensify account without sharing your password. That said, it's really important to understand what a Copilot can (and cannot) do before granting another person access to your account. 

A Copilot can...

  • Prepare expenses on your behalf
  • Approve and reimburse others' expenses on your behalf (Note: this applies solely to Full Access Copilots)
  • View and make changes to your account/domain/policy settings
  • View all expenses you can see within your own account

A Copilot cannot...

  • Change or reset your password
  • Add/remove other Copilots
  • Approve reports on your behalf (Note: this applies solely to Submit Only Copilots)

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