How-to: Use the Comments section of a Report

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The Comments section shows details like who submitted or approved the report, report and expense rejections and any changes made to the report by approvers and admins. 

Where to find reports Comments

  1. Sign-in to your Expensify account on the web
  2. Click on the Reports page
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the report. You'll see a full audit trail as well as any comments that have been written for this particular report

Leave a comment on a report 

Anyone with permission to view the report can view and add comments. 

Attach a receipt or documentation to a report 

You can also add receipts and supporting documents here by clicking the paperclip icon on the right side! 

Notification of Comment

When someone leaves a comment on your report, you'll first receive a notification via the app. If you don't read the notification within a certain amount of time, you'll receive an email notification with the report comment details. The email will include a link to the report, making it easy to view and add additional comments directly on the report.

Hitting "Reply" to the email will also record the email response in the comments of the report.

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