Expensify.org/hunger SNAP campaign status (updated April 3, 2020) 

The number of families signing up for reimbursement has vastly outnumbered the limited funds available. Though we’re unable to provide a specific timeline on when your report will be reimbursed, we’re doing our best to drive donations and keep our fund moving forward. Rest assured, we’ll review every report that’s submitted per our instructions. 

Thanks for your patience! 

Deep Dive: Is the bank/credit card import option right for me?

Ariel GreenAriel Green Expensify Team Posts: 83 Expensify Team
edited February 26 in Deep Dives
If you need to directly import your personal card/bank transactions into your Expensify account to match with your receipts and Expensify supports your bank, then this might be a great option for you! 
Note: If you have a company-assigned corporate card, you will want to check with an Expensify admin at your company regarding how these cards should be used. Often, admins will assign the card to you. In this case, you would not import it yourself.
Importing your card/bank via Account Settings will:
  • Allow your bank/card transactions to flow into your Expensify account. These will merge with any SmartScanned expenses in the account.
  • Generate IRS-compliant eReceipts, assuming your Policy Admin has enabled this feature.
Ready to get started? Learn how to import expenses from a credit card or bank (on both the web and the app)!

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