Deep Dive: Admin best practices when viewing, editing, and submitting employee reports

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As a policy admin, you can view, edit and submit your employees' Open reports. Click on the Reports tab then select the All Submitters and Open filters and you will see all employee reports on your policies that have not been submitted.

Starting Out

In general, we recommend starting this from the web version of Expensify, since you'll have more options available to you then the mobile app. 

Click on a report to view its contents.  From here click an expense to view, add or modify details such as Categories, Tags and Description

Viewing Employee Reports

Viewing employee reports can be a different experience depending on whether you're using the web or mobile versions of Expensify. In general, we recommend using the web version of Expensify to view Employee reports, since you will only receive reports directly submitted to you when on the mobile app.

The option to filter reports via the Reports page is also only available with the web version of Expensify, which helps when needing to view multiple reports during a session. By starting on the web version, you'll set yourself to have more options when viewing, editing, or submitting reports.

For more information on viewing reports specifically, check out this how-to guide.

Editing Employee Reports

If a report has been submitted directly to you, you can click into any expense to edit the expense details. Something to note is that you cannot change the amount of the expense. You will need to reject it to the employee to make any changes that affect the report total.

If you're a policy admin that needs to edit a report that wasn't submitted directly to you, you will need to click the Take Control button at the top of the report:

Note: Taking control of a report will break the approval workflow.

Here are some other editing options for Admins (including some at the expense level that may help with creating better reports):

  • Undelete deleted company card expenses via Reconciliation Dashboard (must be a Domain Admin)
  • Add Unreported company card expenses to either an existing Open (unsubmitted) report or create a new report via Reconciliation Dashboard (must be a Domain Admin)
  • Add or modify expense coding including Category, Tag(s) and Attendees
  • Add a receipt to an expense that currently doesn't have one
  • Move card expenses between two Open (unsubmitted) reports
  • Merge duplicate expenses (providing both are not card transactions) 
  • Change the policy of a report.
For more information on editing reports, check out this how-to guide.

Submitting Employee Reports

As a Policy Admin, you'll have the option to submit any of your employee's Open reports. If an employee can't do it themselves, a policy admin can submit an expense report on their behalf to start the approval process. Just click the Submit button at the top of the report:

Report History and Comments

Something else to note is that any change made by the admin is tracked under Report History and Comments and an email will be sent to the employee if you change the reimbursable status of an expense (e.g. from Reimbursable to Non-Reimbursable).

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