View reimbursable status from expense or report list view

JKOJKO Posts: 4Expensify Customer
When validating whether all items in a report have the reimbursable flag set correctly, I have to open each expense separately to view the status. I would love to see the reimbursement status in the list view both in general expenses and within reports so that I only need to open the ones that are wrong. Better yet, let me change it from the list view!
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  • Jeremy BonifaceJeremy Boniface Posts: 27Expensify Team Expensify Success Coach
    You're in luck -- some of this functionality already exists (specifically, when viewing a report)! You can click the cog icon on the left-hand side of the report then choose Breakdown by Group > Reimbursable.
    Here's a screenshot from my test account:

    Then, you'll see your expenses separated by Reimbursable vs. Non-reimbursable, per the screenshot above. 

    I hope this helps!
  • JKOJKO Posts: 4Expensify Customer
    Thank you, that helps a lot! It would still be great to be able to change the reimbursable status from a list view rather than opening each up, but it is enormously helpful to have a simple way to view what is/isn't flagged as reimbursable.
  • Lauren ReidLauren Reid Posts: 16Expensify Team Expensify Success Coach
    I can see how this would be useful and I think it would be a great addition to our Ideas section of the Customer Community. The most popular ideas found here are reviewed by the Expensify team and have a real chance of being placed on the roadmap.
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