Deep Dive: Concierge Weekly Reminder email best practices

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If you're a submitter of expenses, here's the lowdown for Concierge Reminder emails

Your Concierge Reminder email will take you to your Inbox, where you can resolve your Expense Violations with a Guided Review.

  • Are you getting more Violations than you'd care for? Set up an Expense Rule and you won't receive the Weekly Reminder email at all!  -- Head to Settings > Account > Expense Rules to create a new Expense Rule. 

One of our most common Violations is when a Category is not present on the expense. If you know which merchants you'll be using ahead of time, doesn't it make sense to prepare the coding beforehand? 

Another common Violation is a missing receipt. I recommend using SmartScan as soon as you make a purchase, and then you can go about your life without needing to think about finding that receipt later on when you're submitting to your approver.

This email is like a safety net, to make sure you've coded everything just right for your approver!

If you're an approver, here's what you can do to get the most out of your Weekly Reminder

Weekly Reminder emails will keep you on task, keep that workflow moving along and really help out your accountant when balancing the books. 

  • Use the reminder email to jump straight into Guided Review. -- From there, you can use Report Comments and even Reject individual expenses to keep the report moving along. 
  • Find manual approval takes up too much of your time? Let Concierge handle approvals for you! -- Head to Settings > Policies > Group [Policy Name] > People > Approval Mode > Expense Approvals and Concierge will auto-approve expenses that meet your policy rules. Only those that violate the policy's expense rules are flagged for manual approval, which you can adjust to meet your company's needs.
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