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RI_8806RI_8806 Posts: 14Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer
As an admin, sometimes I see that an employee has coded a whole bunch of transactions to the wrong category. For example, maybe they put all their travel expenses as meeting, but I want to change them all to travel. Right now I have to click on each one and change the dropdown, and save it. One by one. It would be nice if there was a checkbox feature that let me select multiple transactions that I will change to the same category. This will make my admin team's efforts much more streamlined.
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  • JuliaJulia Posts: 157Expensify Customer Expensify Aficionado
    Hey @RI_8806, if you're on the expenses tab and pull up the users expenses, once you select more than one checkbox it lets you do just that. The 'Edit Multiple' box will show up in the top right part of the screen once you select more than one.

    Hopefully this helps. This has been a huge lifesaver for me as an admin. 
  • RI_8806RI_8806 Posts: 14Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer
    Ok I see what you're saying. But it seems like this could be a feature within the report itself when I can easily see a grouping on their report is categorized wrong. But this does help a ton, thank you!
  • Matt MooreMatt Moore Posts: 44Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Expensify Success Coach
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    Thanks, @Julia and thanks for the suggestion, @RI_8806
    The Edit Multiple feature is currently the best way to go here, but we'll keep tabs on this post if it gathers enough support!
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