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Deep Dive: Getting the most out of Expensify and Concierge in your Inbox

Matt MooreMatt Moore Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 80 Expensify Team
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As your business grows, your expense management needs will become more complex. And when businesses get complex, it's only natural to go searching for answers wherever you can find them. 

To save you time, your Expensify Inbox is your tool for solving back-office problems. Inbox tasks will guide you through building your Expensify setup, from automation to integrations to reconciliation. So don't spend hours researching how to change processes or taking gambles on additional technology you may end up not needing. We'll put the choices in front of you, and you can make a decision in seconds.

If you've just started with Expensify and you think we're just about receipt capture and automation (though we've been the best in the business for 10 years) think again. We're a team of first-rate technologists and fanatics about finance, accounting, and expense - the features that Concierge flag to you are designed using our best practice advice and the gold standard of Expensify UX. 

In this Deep Dive, I'll run through the Inbox tasks that you might see, what they mean and how you can make use of them. 

"Here's the list of reports that need your attention." - Guided Review

If you see this Inbox task, you're being prompted to jump into reports that need to be reviewed for Violations, or Approved as part of your company's Approval Workflow. This is a to-do list that it's worth checking in on every so often. Your admin (and your future self) will thank you for keeping on top of this task!

"I'll assist you by batching up any new employee receipts." - Scheduled Submit

This task is helping you to set your Scheduled Submit setting. Combine this with Expense Rules, Concierge Approval, and Auto-Sync, and your Expensify set-up could be so light-touch that all employees need to do is take a photo of a receipt with SmartScan. The rest would be taken care of by Concierge, from receipt capture to export into your accounting package. 

 "How often do reports require your manual approval?' - Concierge Approval

It's natural when you're a small business want to have oversight of expenses, but once you reach a certain point it's potentially overwhelming. Even with, say, 5 employees adding expenses daily - that's a lot of paperwork! This task is here to help you decide when your approval is required. Your Policy Rules come into play here (such as Receipts Required, Expense Limits, Description Required and more). It's up to you to decide whether you want to see these expenses before approving.

"How should I import employees into your policy?" - Policy members

You'll need to invite your employees into your Group Policy if you want them to follow the rules you set up. Use this task to speed up that process with a shareable link or by connecting your HR/Accounting system.

"Does your policy need to sync expense data to an accounting software?" - Accounting connections

If you hit Yes in the Inbox task for accounting software setup, you'll be taken through a setup wizard for our available accounting connections. We'll bring over accounts, departments, and tags from your accounting software, so you can export expense reports with the correct coding.

"What would you like to reconfigure your policy to do?" - Choose a plan

This Inbox task allows you to choose the feature set that is best for your needs. If you're growing and have reached a point where you need domain-wide controls, SSO, or a NetSuite or Sage Intacct connection you'll want to consider upgrading to a Control plan.

"The smartest corporate card in town" - The Expensify Card

The Expensify card comes with a host of benefits and enabling it comes at no extra cost. There's plenty to say about this game-changing feature, so I'll let you take a look for yourself at https://use.expensify.com/card

Hiding Inbox tasks

Don't think a task is relevant to you? No problem! You can hide it by hitting the Hide button (makes sense!) 

On the other hand, if you can't see a task that is listed above, hit Show hidden tasks at the bottom of the page and the whole stack of them will be brought back into view.

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