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How-to: Create mileage expenses in Expensify

Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 1,313 Expensify Team
edited August 17 in How-to Docs

Creating Mileage Expenses (on web)

Mileage expenses can be created both from the web and from the Expensify mobile app. You cannot add tax to mileage expenses, but this is going to change soon ;-)

From the web:

Click New Expense and navigate to the Distance tab. You will then see the option to have the expense calculated by either entering the number of miles or using the map.

The previously selected rate will automatically be used on a new expense!

Creating Mileage Expenses (on the app)

Click the plus (+) button at the top right of your app and then select Distance.

You can then choose whether you want to create expenses by :

  1. Distance (entering the number of miles traveled), 
  2. Taking photos of the odometer at the beginning or end of your trip, or 
  3. Tracking traveled distance with GPS.

Distance: Input the total distance driven, then tap "next". We will then create an expense based off that amount x the mileage rate (per miles or kilometers based off your settings). Finish coding the expense, Save, and you're set! 

Odometer: Enter the reading at the beginning of your trip, then the end of your trip. We'll find the distance between the two, then create an expense based off that amount x the mileage rate (per miles or kilometers based off your settings). Tap the camera image to take a picture of your odometer reading, finish coding your expense, then "Save".

GPS: Select whether you'd like to track your distance in miles or kilometers. At the beginning of your trip, tap "Start". 

The app will start tracking your trip, displaying the start address from your current location. 

Once you have reached your destination, tap "Stop". The app will then display the start and ending address, as well as the total distance traveled. If the GPS locator is unable to identify an address near you, the expense will display the starting and ending coordinates of your trip. Tap "Use" if it looks good!

We will then generate an expense, out of the distance tracked, and create an expense based on that amount x the mileage rate (per miles or kilometers based on your settings). Finish any coding, tap "Save" at the top, and you're done! 

When using the GPS option, a receipt image will be created based on the route tracked. 

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