Expensify Card: How to check and edit employee card limits

STML Expensify Customer Posts: 11 Expensify Newcomer
I tried to set custom limits for each member of my small team.
However, now I am unable to see who has what limit as the system has entered into the "processing phase" and is waiting for staff to submit their mailing addresses.
How do I:
1) Stop the processing phase;
2) Check the limits assigned to each member; and
3) Make edits to the limits if needed?


  • Christina Dobryzynski
    Christina Dobryzynski Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 267 Expensify Team
    Happy to help, @STML! The Expensify Card settings can be adjusted in the web app at Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Company Cards.

    On this page, you'll be able to: 
    • View the status of a card by hovering over the 'Waiting to ship' or 'Waiting for activation' grey box.
    • Adjust the limit for each cardholder by clicking Edit Limit.
    • Adjust the limit to $0 to prohibit the card from being shipped (if in a 'Waiting to ship' state) or activated (if in a 'Waiting for activation' state).

    In terms of 'stopping the processing phase,' can you tell me a little more about what you'd like to do so I can help? I look forward to hearing from you!