How-to: Reopen your account

Sheena Trepanier
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If your account is closed and is not associated with a verified domain, head to and attempt to sign-in using your email address or phone number. After entering your user name, you will see the following prompt:

Click Reopen account and a magic link will be sent to you. 

The magic link will take you to Expensify, reopen your account and prompt you to create a new password associated with your account. 

And that's it! Your account is now reopened — any previously approved expense data will still be visible in the account, but you will need to recreate any formerly-owned policies and adjust any settings that were previously adjusted.

Note: Reports submitted and closed on an Individual policy will not be retained as they have not been approved/shared with anyone else in Expensify.

How to Reopen a Domain-controlled account

Once an account has been Closed by a Domain Admin, it can be reopened by any Domain Admin on that domain. 

The Domain Admin will simply need to invite the previously-closed account in the same manner that new accounts are invited to the Domain. The user will receive a magic link to their email account which they can use to Reopen the account.

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