How-to: Connect your personal card to import expenses

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Important notes before you get started

  • When first importing your card, you will have the option of selecting a specific transaction start date. You can usually go back as far as 90 days, depending on the bank. If you need to pull transactions earlier than this date, please upload a spreadsheet of your bank transactions to reflect those particular transactions.
  • If a card is deleted from Expensify, all of the un-submitted expenses from that card will be deleted from the system. Any imported card transactions within a processing, approved, closed, or reimbursed report will not be affected!

Importing expenses directly from your credit card or bank (in the web browser)

Go to  Settings > Account > Credit Card Import and click the "Import Bank/Card" button. 

Select your Bank. If your bank is not listed, just use the search box below to find it.

If your bank doesn't appear in the list this means we do not currently support it and you can instead import your expenses via our CSV method.

Choose your transaction start date from the calendar dropdown and click "Take me there"

Connect by using the same username and password you use for online banking.

Select your account(s) and click "Authorize"

We will pull in all of the accounts tied to your username. Just pick the account(s) you want to import!

Once your card(s) has been successfully imported, you can then click Update next to the importing card(s) to pull the latest transactions into your account!

Importing expenses directly from your credit card or bank (in the mobile app)

In your Settings, tap Import a card and follow the directions (similar to how this is listed above) for your bank to start importing transactions!

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