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Deep Dive: GL Code formula

Stevie LaFortuneStevie LaFortune Expensify Team Posts: 133 Expensify Team
edited February 26 in Deep Dive Docs

These formulas are for features available with the Control Plan

ACCOUNTING - The GL Code associated with the user, category, or tag of the expense.

  • {report:submit:from:customfield1} would output the custom field 1 entry of the user who submitted the report. If John Smith’s custom field 1 entry is 13456 this would output simply 13456.
  • {expense:category:glcode} would output the GL code associated with the category of the expense. If the GL code for Meals is 45256 this would output simply 45256.
  • {expense:tag:glcode} would output the GL code associated with the tag of the expense. If the GL code for Client X is 08294 this would output simply 08294.
  • {expense:tag:ntag-3:glcode} would output the GL code associated with the third tag the user chooses. This is only for companies that have multiple tags setup.
  • {field:Department|substr:6:5} You would use this when you have a GL code in a report field. In this example you have a report field titled Department. If the chosen field is Sales 56789 this will output 56789. For more information on this visit the Substring section.

Example Substring- 

A column on your spreadsheet that outputs all the GL codes associated with an expense. {report:submit:from:customfield1}-{expense:category:glcode}-{expense:tag:glcode}-{field:Department|substr:6:5} outputs 13456-45256-08294-56789 for user: John Smith; category: Meals; tag: Client X; Department: Sales.
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