Updating your Chase and Wells Fargo connections - don't worry if you missed the date!

Stevie LaFortune
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As you are probably aware, we've moved to a more stable connection to import credit card transactions for the majority of our top card connections, most recently were Chase and Wells Fargo

To start, we removed the option to connect with the old connection but continued to import transactions on it. 

We set a cutoff date of December 6th.  On December 6th we hid the old connection in all accounts for both Chase and Wells Fargo.  


When we make a mass adjustment in the background to hide the old card connection, this will preserve your previously imported expenses no matter what state they are in. 

This is different from when you remove the connection.  If an individual or company remove the connection, all imported expenses in an open state are removed.

If you missed the December 6th cutoff - all transactions up to the night of December 5th will have imported into your account.  You will be able to see these by adjusting your filters on the expenses page.

  • When connecting to the new Chase connection, Chase will automatically send the past 90 days of transactions.

  • When connecting to the new Wells Fargo connection, Wells Fargo will automatically send the past 30 days of transactions.

For Personal Connections,  remove any transactions that have imported to your account that are duplicated from the old connection by using your expenses page filters to delete those.

For Company Connections, set your start date for each card to December 6th while assigning cards to users under Settings >  Domains > [Domain Name] > Company Cards - then in the Chase dropdown while assigning card select December 6th as your start date.