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Revamp Account Settings location and options

JuliaJulia Expensify Customer Posts: 143 Expensify Pro

Hi there
I really think that the location of where a user goes to access their account settings and the options/layout could really use some enhancements.

First- I think this section is vital enough to be on a tab (a la Expenses, receipts, reports, etc). None of my users can ever remember how to access their account settings because in my opinion, it is placed in an area I would look last. Also, many of the features they actually use are WAY too hard to find, because there is just way too many options.

Some of the fields only cause confusion at a corporate policy level. Custom unit tracking, time/billable hours, etc... many of these are used on more of an individual user level.
Other fields should be 'locked down' at the policy/domain level, and not available for employees to access or override. What is the point of some of these if they can be overridden? Of if they can't do anything with it, can it just be removed to minimize confusion? Areas that come to mind regarding this are: Currency, mileage, Scheduled Submit, Smart scanning, categories and tags, Credit Card Import (for policies that have corporate credit cards, and don't want employees importing their own CC feeds because they should be using their Cop CC's anyways), and Billing.

I've mentioned in another idea that the email preferences could really use some enhancements as well. I will just take a small moment to reiterate this. As we're rolling past using Expensify for 2 months, many of my employees are frustrated by the email notifications they do or do not receive. They get way too many about the ones that they don't care about, and not enough options to tailor the ones that they do. https://community.expensify.com/discussion/482/additional-options-and-layers-to-email-preferences#latest

At best, even if the account settings couldn't be completely overhauled, it would be great to get some minor user interface enhancements and cleanup. My users and I would appreciate it tremendously!

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Live feature released! · Last Updated

Settings location was revamped, and separated from personal policy settings in 2019!


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