Is there a way to review your policy members and identify reimbursement methods?

jesseb Expensify Customer Posts: 4
Is there a way to know if any of my policy members is missing a bank account? Other than on the individual level, when I go to reimburse them?


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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @jesseb Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    Technically no... but yes. 🤣 Long story short, organisations outside of the US can still collect bank details, and Expensify can add a special export template to the Admin's account so that when they do a batch or reimbursements, they get a list of report balances and account numbers.

    This export can also be used to identify when the user has no reimbursement account on file, as it will fail if there is a missing account.

    If you would like, we can add this Reimbursement export to your account, and you can take it for a road-test?

    Keep in mind, it's not really designed for this use, so it's not the most perfect system in the world, but it may work as a stop-gap if you keep having users with missing accounts.
  • Sophie_Pinto
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    You're welcome, @jesseb! I'll need you to write into in order to get this going, as they will have the access to your account to do so! Just reference this conversation (maybe copy the link to this community post) and we should be right on to it 😄