How-to: Email Receipts to Expensify

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All receipts in your email inbox, such as airline, rental car, hotel confirmations, online purchases, etc... can be added to your Expensify account simply by forwarding them to These email receipts will be SmartScanned and an expense will be created for you automatically in Expensify.

How to create an expense from a receipt email in your Expensify account:
  • Directly forward the email to from the email address associated with your Expensify account.
  • Expensify will immediately SmartScan the receipt email.
  • You can then find the expense on the Expenses page, either listed under the date of the receipt (if the SmartScan has completed) or under the date that you forwarded the receipt (if the SmartScan has not completed extracting information from the receipt yet).
How to create an expense in Expensify with a receipt email from an email address that is different from your Expensify login:
  • You'll want to add this email address as a secondary login to your Expensify account. This way we associate any email receipts sent from this email to and add them to the correct Expensify account.
  • Once the email address has been added as a secondary login, simply follow the steps above and forward these receipt emails to

Pro tip: Expensify offer receipt integrations with popular apps such as Uber and Lyft where receipts are automatically imported into your account. 

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