Quickbooks Desktop Customers are not coming through

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I am having trouble pulling in Quickbooks Desktop customers through the policy configuration. I have already configured the settings so that the chart of accounts is enabled, and the customers/projects is enabled. What I would like is for our employees not to be forced to select a chart of account field, but we do want them to be forced to choose a customer/project. Is this possible? We have ALOT of customers/projects and I think the quantity may be the issue. Is there a workaround for this. I am willing to upload customers/projects on a weekly basis if that solves it.


  • Leslie Rodriguez
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    Hi There! I'd be happy to help. I just want to clarify, that you do not want your employees to select a chart of account field, is this correct? If so, you can disable the functionality that makes it mandatory, but you cannot eliminate the field itself. To do this, head to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Categories and disable "People must categorize expenses". 

    Regarding forcing the customer/projects field, you can enable this by going to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Tags and enabling required. This will force your users to apply a customer/project to all receipts. 

    Regarding your list, how many are we talking about? Hundreds? Thousands? Depending on the size, you may either want to declutter any clients no longer needed or simply deselect what your employees see in their dropdown. You can do this by heading to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Tags > Edit Tags and manually disabling tags that you do not want your employees to see.

    I hope this helps answer your question. Please let me know if you need anything else.