Expensify being reimbursed through payroll

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We have changed our process and instead of processing the payments directly as ACH.  They payments are going to be part of payroll.  The approver of our expensify has the expense reports "marked this report as manually reimbursed. This report will be reimbursed outside of Expensify, saying Payroll"  Is there a report that I can run in expensify that shows me the reports that are approved on a specific day that is manually reimbursed?


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    Hi there 👋🏽

    That type of report functionality isn't available in Expensify, but you can build your own custom export to do this. Check out our Export Custom Reports Guide! You can create custom exports under your Settings > Your Account > Preferences > CSV Export Formats. This template will be available to the user on whose account it was created. If you need a custom export template that can be shared among all policy admins, this feature is available on the Control plan.