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Overview - The Employee Training Webinar

Sonia Liapounova
Sonia Liapounova Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 164 Expensify Team
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The Employee Training Webinar 


This covers:

  • Using the Expensify Mobile App 
  • Your Expensify Web Account 
  • Creating Expenses 
  • Organizing Expenses 
  • Reporting Expenses 
  • Getting in Touch 

Using the Expensify Mobile App 

The Expensify mobile app is the ultimate tool for entering expenses on the go and day-to-day expense tracking. Using the app, you can view your expenses in the palm of your hand and SmartScan new receipts with the click of a button! You'll also be able to create time-based expenses and mileage and GPS expenses wherever you are. 

Expensify is supported on iOS and Android devices. Click below for Expensify download links to the Google Play store and the App Store: 

💡Feature Spotlight: SmartScan 

SmartScan is simple on the outside and complex on the inside. When you SmartScan a receipt, we’ll read the Merchant, Date, and Amount of the transaction, create an expense, and add it to your Expensify account automatically! 

To learn more about using the mobile app, check out these help docs:  

Your Expensify Web Account

Where the mobile app is meant for on-the-go expense tracking, your web account has the tools to organize and manage those expenses for easy reporting and filing. 

✔️ Configuring your account

You'll configure your account using the Settings tab, under the Your Account tab. Your Account is where you’ll handle personal account details, import a personal credit card or enter reimbursement information. 

✔️ The Expenses page 

Your Expenses page is where you will see a running total of your expenses. You can search, sort and group these expenses using the Filters at the top of the page. 

You'll also be able to choose between a few different views here, including the Analytics view. This analytics view is what will allow you to view graph representations of your spend, as well as see a list of totals based on Category, Tag, credit card and more. 

Check out these resources learn more about configuring your account and using the tools on the Expenses page! 

Creating Expenses 

If you're using Expensify to report expenses to your company, accurately tracking and organizing spend will save time and maximize your reimbursements. Expensify makes it easy to enter expenses into your account, so you can take the focus off managing a pile of receipts and on to spending your time doing what you enjoy.

✔️ SmartScan

SmartScan is a powerful ally in making sure each and every receipt has been documented and added to your Expensify account. When you SmartScan a receipt, we'll transcribe the merchant name, date and total of the expense, will categorize it and will add it to your Expenses page with an image of the receipt- all you'll need to do is snap a photo! 

No photo? No problem - if you have a PDF or image file of the receipt, just forward it to [email protected] from an email address associated with your account, where it will be processed via the regular SmartScan route. If you'd like to forward in receipts from your personal email address, you can add it to your company account as a Secondary Login to allow you to forward your receipts from that address.

✔️ Receipt Integrations 

Expensify has receipt integrations with several travel providers, car services and food delivery services. For receipts from these providers, we'll automatically import the expense into your Expensify account so you don't have to worry about tracking them down later. 

✔️ Credit Card Import 

You can connect personal credit card or have your admin connect your company credit card to automatically import transactions into your Expensify account. Once you establish the connection, posted transactions flow into your Expensify account and will merge with any SmartScanned expenses in the account. For any expenses under $75 without a matching receipt, we'll generate an IRS-compliant eReceipt (excluding lodging expenses and for US based users only). 

✔️ Manually Create Expenses 

On your Expenses page, you'll be able to manually create general, time-based and distance expenses. Just select New Expense and choose the type of expense you would like to create. 

Learn more about creating expenses using the links below: 

💡 Feature Spotlight: eReceipts

No receipt? No problem! Expensify eReceipts are full digital replacements of paper point-of-sale receipts for purchases of $75 or less. These receipts are populated for automatically imported transactions that are in US Dollars. Expensify eReceipts meet the requirements for IRS Documentation as per Publication 463.

Organizing Expenses 

Once you’re entering and importing expenses regularly, you’ll need a way to efficiently organize them. Categories and Tags will allow you to classify and label expenses in Expensify for easy filing. 

✔️ Categories and Tags

Categories and Tags are used to classify expenses. They are managed by your company admin so if you have any questions about which ones you should be using, reach out to your admin and they should be able to help you out!

Applying Categories and Tags to Expenses 

Hate manually coding your expenses? Let Expensify do the work for you! Here's how: 

✔️ Implicit Categorization 

Over time, Expensify will learn how you categorize certain merchants and then automatically apply that category to the same merchant in the future. This means that if a specific vendor is usually coded a certain way, Expensify will ‘learn’ that preference and start applying those categories automatically. 

✔️ Default Categorization

If you're importing card transactions, Default Categorization will automatically code expenses to the proper category based on its Merchant Category Code (MCC).  

✔️ Expense Rules 

If you have recurring expenses or frequently shop with the same merchant, you can create an Expense Rule to automatically apply the Category or Tag based on the merchant name. 

✔️ Manually Edit Expenses 

For one-off expenses or to modify coding, you can edit the expense details right from the list on the Expenses page, or click the expense to open it and view more details. 

To learn more about applying Categories and Tags to your expenses, check out these links: 

Reporting Expenses 

Consistency in SmartScanning and categorizing expenses pays off! On your Expenses page, you’ll be able to easily locate a specific expense and add it to a report to submit for approval and reimbursement.

✔️ Locate a specific expense 

You can use the filters on the Expenses page to locate a specific expense.

Once you're ready to report your expenses, select the checkbox next to the expenses you wish to report, and select your reporting option from the Add To Report drop-down.

✔️ Submitting a report

Do a final check that all of your expenses are properly coded, fix any violations that might be present on your report, and click Submit to send your report to your approver. You're done! Now your manager will approve and process your report. 

✔️ Have questions about what's happening with your report?

If you have any questions on when your report has been approved or when you should expect a reimbursement, check out the Report History & Comments section. This section lists all the actions that a report has gone through. If you're waiting for a reimbursement you can find the admin who's currently working on your report here and reach out to them for more info on the next steps.

Get in Touch 

Finding that you need some assistance to get your account set up just right? We can help! Expensify offers several support platforms to get you the help you need. 

  • If you'd like to see the recording of the Employee/User Training Webinar you can find it in the Webinars category on the Community!
  • You can access our help docs on the Community. Check out the How-to, Deep Dive, and FAQ categories. Here, you can find help docs that provide step-by-step instructions for pretty much anything in your account, as well as troubleshooting guides. 
  • Concierge does more than guide you through report review and walks you through policy setup - it's also an Expensify expert! Concierge has the answers to Expensify users' most frequently asked questions and she is always available to help. You can email Concierge and the Success Team at [email protected], or send a message through the Expensify mobile app. We'll do our best to respond to you as soon as possible!