Deep Dive: Company card best practices

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There are a couple of ways to directly connect company cards, either way, Domain Admins will be able to access cards under Settings > Domains> [Domain Name] > CompanyCards.

If you have a company credit card account with any of our preferred Approved! Banks, you'll be able to establish the connection with your Admin card account credentials to import the cards and assign them to users.


If your company credit cards are not with one of our Approved! Banks or if your particular account does not qualify for a third-party connection, a direct feed is the way to go!  

These are direct files supplied from your bank on a daily basis and will not be affected when you update your username and password on your card account.  Concierge will play a part in helping you get this type of feed added to your account.

Regardless of how you connect your company cards, make sure to select the settings to import transactions in a way that works best for your company.  These settings are not retroactive, they will only be applied to expenses imported after the settings have been updated. 

After your company cards are connected to your company's domain within your Expensify account, you can assign each card to its respective cardholder.  Only Domain Admins will have access to company cards and the settings within the company card feature.

Company card account are connected
Settings are selected
Cards are assigned
Transactions are importing to users accounts

Now, how do you see those transactions as a Domain Admin??  Use our reconciliation feature!

If you have identified missing expenses, the first step would be to ensure that the expenses in question have posted to the account.  If that's true - then "Updating the cards" should do the trick.

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