Okay, I'm hoping that this community can help me

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Okay, I'm hoping that this community can help me in regards to what I'm trying to achieve. 

There is only one user me.

I do have a bookkeeper who will be accessing the information to enter it into QuickBooks.

I do have an assistant that will be assisting me in entering data into the system.

I'm a real estate broker so I'll be saving receipts related to Real Estate Services.

I'm a landlord I'll be saving receipts in regards to multiple properties as landlord.

I'm a home reseller so I'll be saving receipts in regards to properties that I buy repair and resale.

I will never submit an expense report for reimbursement.

I only need to track expenses for bookkeeping purposes.

I would like to have Way to identify each receipt in regards to What entity it needs to be entered against.

I think having a group for every property I'll be having anywhere from 12 to 20 properties at a time would be cumbersome.


  • jbaxter
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    @TomHomes I would speak to your bookkeeper or accountant in case they need the expenses categorised a certain way in Quickbooks.

    If not, and you just want a way to group expenses by Property or Project then you might want to use tags in Expensify. Tags are easy to add and inactivate and they show up in a drop down list that you can use when coding expenses. 

    We have one client where we just use the tags in Expensify to track expenses by project and we don't bother entering any of the project data into their Accounting system. If we need to report by project then it's easy to do from Expensify.  

    I hope that helps.