Creating Category Rules with an accounting integration

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I've got Expensify linked to QBO and within Expenhave created several rules when importing expenses, however, some of these rules need editing and yet I don't have any access to edit them. I think it's because I'm linked to QBO but can't be sure. After reading the documentation on Category Specific rules, I'm left wondering why I dont have the blue settings cog for each of my linked categories....?
Am I completely missing something here?


  • StephSteph Posts: 27 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi, @mrjonnywood! Just so we are on the same page, you can still create Category Rules even if you are connected to an accounting integration like Quickbooks Online. If you're not seeing the blue cog to open that setting, it's likely related to the type of policy have. Heads up, Category Rules are only available on a Control policy - so if you are working on a Collect policy you will not see those blue cogs referenced in the article on Category Rules.

    Hopefully that explains the issue here, but let us know if you are still struggling with this!

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