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Deep Dive: Day 1 with Expensify for Submitters

Maddy Lewis
Maddy Lewis Expensify Team Posts: 118 Expensify Team
edited June 2021 in Deep Dive Docs
This post will cover getting started with Expensify for new users (submitters and employees).

Important Note: If your company is onboarding you to Expensify, wait for your invitation email. It's important that you click the validation link sent to your work email before starting. Didn't receive an email? Ask your Expensify admin to invite you before moving forward.

Get started with these quick steps!

  • Download the mobile app
  • Meet Concierge
  • Create your first expense
  • Submit your report
  • Inbox: Your to-do list in Expensify
  • ️The Expenses page
  • The Reports page
  • Personal Account Settings: Additional options

Download the Mobile App

Expensify is supported on iOS and Android devices. Click here for a short video on using the mobile app.

Meet Concierge

Our friendly Concierge will help you set up your account in your Inbox, assist you with SmartScan when we need more information regarding your receipt, provide you support when you email [email protected]/write in via the messenger, and so much more!

️Create your first expense

  1.  SmartScan your paper receipts with the mobile app camera at the time of purchase using the green "+" icon.
  2. Have email receipts instead? Just forward those to [email protected]. These will follow the same SmartScan process.
  3. In both cases, the SmartScan process will automatically extract your expense information (merchant, date, total amount, and currency)!
  4. Feel free to enter coding details (adding necessary category or tags), comments, or add attendees while your receipt is SmartScanning! We will take care of the merchant, date, amount and currency.
  5. SmartScan will even merge your receipts to imported credit card transactions.

Submit your report

  1. You should first find out if your account is using Concierge for Scheduled Submit. Your reports may be automatically created or submitted based on these settings. 
To check this:
If you are a part of a Group policy, check this by going to Settings > Policies > Individual > [Policy Name] > Reports. If you see this yellow banner, this will let you know your policy settings (set by your group's policy admin) have Scheduled Submit active on the policy level. As the banner mentions, you can't change this setting.

2. If you aren't a part of a group policy, or if your company has this turned off at the group policy level, you can still use Scheduled Submit at the individual level if you'd like your reports automatically created and/or submitted. You can turn this on in the screen shown above. 

3. Need to manually submit the report? Click the button in the upper left-hand corner to submit! On the mobile app, simply tap into the report and then select Submit Report.

On the mobile app, simply tap into the report and then select Submit Report.

Inbox: Your to-do list in Expensify

Each time you log into Expensify, you will be brought to your Inbox tab. This tab will help guide you with the following:

  1. Checking and fixing violations before your report is submitted
  2. Submitting upcoming expense reports by clicking Begin Review
  3. Providing pro tips on how to use the system!

You'll want to make sure to clear out this tab as frequently as possible. If you reach "Inbox Zero", you're really on top of things!

The Expenses page

The Expenses page is where you can edit and view all of your expenses. 

There are three types of Expenses that will be shown here, along with a thumbnail of the attached receipt (if one exists). Each line item will have an icon indicating its type.

1. Cash Expenses (Reimbursable)

2.  Personal Credit Card (Reimbursable)
Looking to upload your personal credit card? Please follow the directions here! Note here also that there is no attached receipt for this example expense.

3. Corporate Company Card (Non-Reimbursable)
Please note that your Admin will be assigning you a corporate card if you have one. Please reach out to your Admin if you don't have a credit card assigned to your account.

The Reports page

The Reports page is where you can view reports in any state.

1. Open - you have created an expense report that hasn't been submitted. 

2. Processing - This is your report, and it is still being reviewed by your admin. 

3. Approved - Your report has been reviewed and approved!

4. Reimbursed - Your report has either been reimbursed via Rapid Reimbursement (where you will be reimbursed automatically via Expensify), or marked as reimbursed by your manager/admin (paid to you externally outside of Expensify). Check the comments at the bottom of the report for details!

Personal Account Settings: Additional Options

  1. (US Only) Adding a personal bank account for reimbursement to get paid back automatically.
  2. Does someone else help out with managing your expenses? Add a Copilot to help fly through your expense reporting. No need to hand over login credentials! 

Still need help? Get in touch!

Looking for employee training? Watch this webinar: