Add GL Account to categories - individual account

ronakshah2000 Expensify Customer Posts: 4
I've been using Expensify for several months, just capturing expenses related to the startup of my business.  It's started up now, and I am using an esoteric accounting system in which I've created my chart of accounts.  I need to add in a bunch of new expense categories that (in some cases) have a different name and have a GL Account Number.  

I cannot figure out how to add a GL Account number to the categories list.  It doesn't show up as an option when I try to import categories from a CSV file, and there's no way I can find to add this to categories individually.  

I'm on the individual plan - is the issue that I need to be on a Group Collect policy?  It is just me so that seems overkill.  I spend, submit and approve my own expenses.

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