Expensify.org/hunger SNAP campaign status
We’re no longer accepting new participants as our focus is on reimbursing existing claims. While we’re unable to provide a specific timeline on when your report will be reimbursed, we’re doing our best to drive donations and keep reimbursements moving forward. If you know anyone who can donate to this campaign please encourage them to enable Personal or Corporate Karma on their Expensify account.

Deep Dive: Determining the fund for a Personal or Corporate Karma donation

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Update June 2020: [NEW] We're no longer accepting new participants as our focus is on reimbursing existing claims. Thanks for your understanding!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting the globe, all Karma Points donations are being directed to the Expensify.org/hunger fund. This fund is currently focused on providing much-needed financial support for SNAP recipients in the United States. More information found here
You’ve made the decision to engage in a little charity and enabled the Personal or Corporate Karma feature, yay! You’ve officially joined us in our mission to create a more generous world and we couldn’t be more proud to have you by our side. 

Figuring out where your donation goes and how it’s being used is probably your next question and luckily, it’s a very easy one to answer.

Each of the five funds supported by Karma donations is fueled by expenses incurred under a related MCC or merchant category code. When expenses import from your credit card, the MCC code is included in the details. Depending on the MCC of your expense, the Karma donation associated with that expense goes to one of the corresponding funds below.

Here’s a quick breakdown

  • MCC is Hotel -- when paying for your lodging, your Karma donation goes towards the Homes fund which supports someone to trying to end the cycle homelessness and isolation.

  • MCC is Airlines, Commuter, Gas, Rental, or Taxi -- when paying for your trip, your Karma donation goes towards the Climate fund which focuses on carbon offsetting and fighting climate change.

  • MCC is Groceries or Meals -- when paying for your meal, your Karma donation goes towards the Hunger fund which helps feed indebted school-children denied a daily meal. 

  • MCC is Utilities, Mail, or Services -- when paying for your business services, your Karma donation goes towards the Reentry fund which assists ex-incarcerated individuals to break the cycle of recidivism. 

  • MCC is Goods or Uncategorized -- when paying for your supplies, your Karma donation goes towards the Youth fund which helps kids who age out of the system reconnect with foster parents over a family meal.

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