Deep Dive: How the Personal and Corporate Karma donation amount is calculated

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Update June 2020: [NEW] We're no longer accepting new SNAP participants as our focus is on reimbursing existing claims. Thanks for your understanding!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting the globe, all Karma Points donations are being directed to the fund. This fund is currently focused on providing much-needed financial support for SNAP recipients in the United States. More information found here
Corporate and Personal Karma donations allow users of Expensify, Inc.’s services to make donations to based on the expenses they incur each day.
  • For Corporate Karma, the donation is calculated based on the total amount of all  approved expense reports across all policies owned by the same person. For every $1,000 of approved company expenses, you’ll donate $2 to a related fund.
  • For Personal Karma, the donation is calculated based on the total amount of a user's expenses, unreported and reported, in a given month. For every $1000 of expenses, you'll donate $2 to a related fund.

The fund your donation goes to is determined by the MCC (Merchant Category Code) of the expense. Each MCC supports one of five different funds.

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