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Why Can't I Downgrade or Delete My Account???

DogsAreGreatDogsAreGreat Expensify Customer Posts: 3
I have been trying to downgrade my account (because it's saying my "free trial" is over - even though I don't remember choosing anything but the free app). It takes forever for anyone to get back with me, and all they ever do is respond with the same directions over and over again even though I am telling them their directions are NOT working!!!
Every time I try to downgrade or close my account I get the same message. It pops up on the screen and says, "Ooops, an error occurred. Your account failed to downgrade." or "Ooops, an error occurred. Your account failed to close."  


  • DogsAreGreatDogsAreGreat Expensify Customer Posts: 3
    Pretty sure I'm going to be the only one who ever views this question and that I'll never get a response that remedies the situation.  Let's see... It says "3 views," but that's because I've gone back to look and see if anyone has answered me and it's counting that as additional "views."
  • Victoria O'learyVictoria O'leary Expensify Team Posts: 72 Expensify Team
    Hi @DogsAreGreat
    I love your user name - dogs are great!!

    This sounds really frustrating, so I'm sorry this is the experience you're having. Downgrading to a free service should be really simple so it sounds like something isn't working as intended.

    Could you please reach out to us on [email protected] so one of our coaches can help get this sorted ASAP?

  • DogsAreGreatDogsAreGreat Expensify Customer Posts: 3
    Thanks. Unfortunately, I have reached out many times to that email address and they have emailed me back many times, but so far it has not been resolved. I am even having my co-worker try to delete my account for me in case I'm missing something.  I have followed everyone's instructions exactly (to downgrade, cancel subscription, and even delete my entire account and start over), but nothing is working. 
  • Victoria O'learyVictoria O'leary Expensify Team Posts: 72 Expensify Team
    I'm really sorry you're still having trouble with this! 

    I've found one of your previous chat threads and I can see that we've sent you a response just a few hours ago. Can you check this out and see if it helps you get to the bottom of this? I'll keep an eye on that thread so you can let me know if you're still having issues there and we can continue troubleshooting if we need to!
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