How-to: Enable or disable Personal Karma for my individual expenses

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Update June 2020: [NEW] We're no longer accepting new participants as our focus is on reimbursing existing claims. Thanks for your understanding!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting the globe, all Karma Points donations are being directed to the fund. This fund is currently focused on providing much-needed financial support for SNAP recipients in the United States. More information found here
We're so excited you want to enable this feature, thank you for helping us build a more generous world!

Opting in

For the time being, head to the Inbox page of your Expensify account and locate the task that starts with "Don't just get paid back. Pay it forward".

Click the Opt In button to enable the feature. You can also find the toggle to enable this on the Subscription page of your Individual policy.

Change your mind about donating?

You can opt-out of Personal Karma by heading to your Settings Policies Individual 
Subscriptions page (below). Just click the Cancel Subscription button.

Please note that if you belong to a group in Settings > Domains > Groups that has Restrict Primary policy enforced, a Domain Admin will need to temporarily disable the policy restriction before you can view the Individual Subscription settings in your account, and disable Personal Karma.

You can find more information about this here.
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