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Get Karma Points with every swipe of your Expensify Card!

Isabela Stisser
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edited May 2021 in Product Updates
Introducing Karma Points, the newest Expensify Card initiative that makes an automatic charitable donation with every swipe. Expensify cardholders simply make a purchase, and Expensify donates 10% of card revenue to on the cardholder’s behalf. Donations are completely free to the cardholder and route to one of five funds under Climate Justice, Food Security, Housing Equity, Reentry Services, and Youth Advocacy.

If you enable Expensify push notifications on your phone, you’ll get an update whenever your swipe donates to a new fund. Click on the notification to learn more about the specific fund and find more ways to give.

Here’s how Expensify will route donations to the five funds:

  • MCC (Merchant Category Code) is Hotel -- when paying for your lodging, your offsetting donation goes towards the Housing Equity fund which covers the costs of reuniting a person experiencing homelessness with their family so they have a safe, stable environment to get back on their feet.

  • MCC is Airlines, Commuter, Gas, Rental, or Taxi -- when paying for your trip, your offsetting donation goes towards the Climate Justice fund which supports the purchase and planting of a tree as a first step toward offsetting carbon emissions.

  • MCC is Groceries or Meals -- when paying for your meal, your offsetting donation goes towards the Food Security fund which pays off a child’s school lunch debt to ensure they always receive a meal and are never food shamed.

  • MCC is Goods or Uncategorized -- when paying for your supplies, your offsetting donation goes towards the Youth Advocacy fund which sponsors weekly meals for young adults who’ve aged out of the foster system so they can stay connected with their previous foster families.

  • MCC is Utilities, Mail, or Services -- when paying for your business services, your offsetting donation goes towards the Reentry Services fund which reimburses the cost of a journey home for an individual just released from incarceration so they have a fair shot at transitioning back into society.

Check out for more information about the five funds, volunteer opportunities, and more ways to give! 

You can also support, when shopping on Amazon, by using this link.

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