When are expenses ready for export, entry, submission or approval?

PattimsPattims Posts: 1Expensify Customer
Just getting started and want to know when expenses are ready for export to AP/GL


  • Jason LiJason Li Posts: 50Expensify Team Expensify Team
    Hi @Pattims - welcome to the Community! Generally, expenses will follow this workflow in Expensify:

    1. Expenses are created and added to a Report - they will begin in the Open status.
    2. The Report is then submitted for approval, and once approved, they'll have the Approved status.
    3. Once an expense has been Approved, you can export it to your account package. However, we find that users will generally reimburse Reports first, before exporting to their accounting package.

    I'd encourage you to create a test Policy, and create some test expenses! This will give you the best idea of how expenses get exported to your accounting software. 
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