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How can I get customer service?

TDeGraceTDeGrace Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer
I have been having a problem with Expensify since Thursday, I am unable to export to QuickBooks and cannot sync. I have not received a response via the so-called Concierge since Friday afternoon - most of the responses I have received are canned responses. I am on a deadline and am really frustrated, especially since is not the first time the export function doesn't work - it seems completely random when it stops working. At this point, I would really like to speak to an actual human not a bot


  • David_TDavid_T Approved! Accountant Posts: 6
    I feel your pain!  I have been having horrific problems getting a bank account verified for weeks!!!  Keep getting asked for info, and then 2 days later, another email.  I have employees that cannot get reimbursed. Concierge/bot is NOT acceptable!

    EXPENSIFY, if you are listening, you have the WORST customer service of any SaaS platform I have ever used!  Can you at least try to help us?
  • TDeGraceTDeGrace Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer
    Agreed, I cannot think of any other vendor that I work with that provides such poor customer service.
  • lecholslechols Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer
    I agree customer service is seriously lacking.  No telephone resolution available ever - only emails.  Horrible! 
  • TDeGraceTDeGrace Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer
    The fact that three of us have posted about our problems with the lack of customer service and there has been no response from Expensify speaks volumes about how little they care about their customers - absolutely shameful!
  • Jason LiJason Li Expensify Team Posts: 130 Expensify Team
    Hi everyone - I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Expensify! I'd like to assist in getting your issues resolved.

    @TDeGrace - are you able to provide me with the Report ID on your end? I had a look through your account and it looks like your connection was last synced 4 days ago, and your recent Reports have been successfully exported.

    @David_T - I had a look at your account, and it looks like you need to validate the bank account. This is the last step to getting your account verified - please navigate Settings > Account > Payments > Validate to bring up this window:

  • TDeGraceTDeGrace Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer
    Yes, you are correct, last night at 7:30 the export randomly started working again, after not working since Thursday. The reason why it was not synced in 4 days was that I was actually not able to sync, I kept getting an error message when I tried to sync. All of this was shared (with screen shots) with your so-called Concierge service and hours would go by without any kind of response. This is not the first time that I have experienced difficulties exporting to QuickBooks or problems syncing, I am convinced based on the  last couple of times that I have experienced these outages that these are random problems with your platform.  Unfortunately, there is no reliable customer service or assistance during these outages and that adds significantly to the frustration. If I can't rely on your service to work all the time and if I can't receive any real assistance during the random outages, then I am not sure what I am paying for.
  • fannyortega2311fannyortega2311 Approved! Accountant Posts: 2
    So is this the only way to get customer service? So not pleased! I am setting up a client with Expensify instead of Concur, not sure why now?!  Need to do autofeed of amex transactions to Expensify and they send me links to webinars.  I need real customer service support!!! Today! not a week from now.
  • Mark LouisMark Louis Expensify Team Posts: 106 Expensify Team
    Hi @fannyortega2311 – To begin the process of setting up a feed of Amex transactions, you'll need to fill out Amex's required forms and send them on over to Amex. Please review this post which outlines the process in detail.
  • TDeGraceTDeGrace Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer

    I am once again experiencing problems with Expensify, this time the credit cards are not flowing in correctly - I am getting two reports with 2 different titles and I am not able to combine them. I have reached out the "Concierge" repeatedly and I don't think they understand what is going on. Expensify really needs to improve its customer service, this is unacceptable!

  • JuliaJulia Expensify Customer Posts: 143 Expensify Pro

    @TDeGrace good luck. It looks like Expensify is now crowdsourcing it's problem resolution. They will only fix known issues if it affects a large enough amount of it's users, and the onus is COMPLETELY on you to prove there is an issue in the first place.

  • TDeGraceTDeGrace Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer

    @Julia, I am so sorry that you are also experiencing issues with the customer service. I didn't realize they were crowdsourcing the problem resolution, but I too have been experiencing the frustration of trying to get them to understand the problem that I have been dealing with since Thursday. I really think if they had a real customer service system that included the ability to actually speak to a customer service representative they would be able to resolve issues much more quickly. Part of the problem with the current system is that it appears that the "Concierge" doesn't actually read the request for help or just doesn't understand the question, so they respond with canned responses or links to documents that don't address the problem fully. I don't know what is going on with Expensify but it hasn't worked properly for us in at least two months and my patience with the glacially slow responses from the so-called "Concierge" is wearing pretty thin. I have explained that I am working under an extremely tight deadline and it literally takes days to receive a response!

  • JuliaJulia Expensify Customer Posts: 143 Expensify Pro

    @TDeGrace I feel your pain. It is extremely frustrating. I have felt the same issues with concierge lately. They must be outsourcing support, or leaving it to chatbots entirely. It seems like they are truly missing the human element of it all. I have provided detailed information in my inquiries in recent months, only to get responses that have just left me dumbfounded.

    They are stretched too thin trying to support the roll out of their own corporate card offering.

  • DeirdraDeirdra Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

    We cannot even get their chat bots to reply and we're trying to spend money. Good luck to you guys!

  • TDeGraceTDeGrace Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer

    Truly sub-par customer service, I still don't have a resolution to my issues and came in this morning to find yet another problem with the platform. I haven't even bothered to reach out to the Concierge since they are so slow to answer. I have had to manually enter credit card charges and out of pocket charges in QuickBooks because once again the export function is not working (it has not worked consistently in months). As soon as I am finished with the month-end close, I will be searching for another solution to manage our credit card and out of pocket expenses. Expensify obviously does not care about retaining our business and I just cannot have another month with a platform that malfunctions as much as this one does.

  • evgeniya_aevgeniya_a Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer

    I agree :( Just a little over a year ago they had a dedicated support person for our account, and now this.. Any time we have a question, they'll just send a link to one of the "how to's", which half the time don't even answer the questions we had in the first place. Also, it takes so long with the back and forth emails!

    Asked for domain migration two weeks ago - not even a status update. How long does this process take?

    And I remember that when they first got rid of the phone support, the responses on the chat were much faster - within a few minutes/couple hours. It takes forever now.

    Should we add this to the ideas section? "Bring back phone support"? Or increase # of customer service reps..? I think I might just do that.

  • Zany RenneyZany Renney Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 59 Expensify Team

    Hi @evgeniya_a

    I am sorry to hear that your experience with Expensify has been disappointing.

    I want to take a second to explain how we changed our philosophy of support so that you have a bit more context, especially in relation to phone support and having a dedicated coach.

    We want you to have the most efficient experience when using Expensify, of which, we don't believe sitting waiting on "hold" lends itself to.

    When we did previously provide a designated Coach to larger customers, we were reliant on one Coach to respond, which led to us seeing bottlenecks which decreased response times and meant it was harder for customers to get their issues resolved in a timely manner.

    However, we are currently looking into how to provide the best support to our customers, so thank you for contributing here and provided us with candid feedback.

    For you Domain Migration - Our Operations team are currently working on this for you. This case has been a bit more complicated than usual.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • TDeGraceTDeGrace Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer

    I really hope Expensify steps up their customer service, it has really been so frustrating trying to deal with them so far.

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