How do we turn off advertisements for the Expensify card to our users?

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Hi there
How do we turn off the advertisements for the Expensify card within our users accounts? It is causing a great deal of confusion among our employees and a lot of wasted time with needless followups. 

We already have a corporate card program, and have determined the Expensify card won't suit our business case. The most recent advertisement is incredibly confusing and needlessly broadcasted. 

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  • April Bekkala
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    Hi there - You can opt to hide the Inbox task for the Expensify Card - just click "Hide" under the task!
    For some additional context, the Expensify Card is not a separate product that can be removed. It is a feature of Expensify. Think of it as a function like Scheduled Submit, you can either make use of it or chose not to.

    If you are not interested in the Expensify Card, you can hide the task as explained above.


  • mclark83
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  • mmurdoch1377
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    Totally agree, complete and utter confusion
  • Brigid  Bello
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    Apologies for any confusion caused here. There's actually an Idea post open about this very topic, and I would encourage you to add your vote there. We also made this announcement yesterday that provides a bit more context into how requesting an Expensify Card works. That you all for taking the time to share this feedback! 
  • JBrannon
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    @Brigid Bello and @DavidBEx It appears that the majority of us are NOT interested in the card and how it works. What we want is the ability to keep our employees from being spammed by your junk mail. It has created so much extra work for the admins and made us look bad. This has been said over and over again - that is if you are reading the comments people are submitting. If you truly want to promote your card, then send it to the people who are in control - the admins. This was a very poor business decision on Expensify's part, and the ONLY way to make it right is to do the following: 1. Stop spamming our employees 2. Give the admins the ability to turn that type of communication off (using 1 checkmark for the entire policy) 3. Apologize to your clients and recognize the fact that you really mucked things up.
  • pia_p
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    There should be an option to opt-out a company to see adverts like this.. a control whether the company agree to have this type of email/notif activated or not. Or maybe an email sent out to all your client that this will be included to your upcoming release, so we are ready prior to the release.