Deep Dive: Day 1 with the Expensify Card

Matt Moore
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This post is for cardholders who have received their new Expensify Card. If you're looking to apply for the card, visit here!

Oh my goodness, you’ve received your Expensify Card! It’s shiny, it’s beautiful and it means you won’t need to front your expenses anymore! (Among a host of other benefits.) Happy days! 

You’re probably also asking, how does this thing work? Will this change my life forever? Well, read on! 

Here’s what you need to do to make use of this game-changing Expensify feature.

  1. Activate — After you are given an Expensify Card spending limit, you can immediately make purchases with your Digital Expensify Card in the website/mobile app.

  2. Get out there — After you receive the physical Expensify Card in the mail, activate it in your Expensify account by entering the last four digits into the card activation Home task.

  3. Enable Notifications — Make sure you’ve downloaded the Expensify app on your phone, and you have Expensify push notifications switched on. Your card is linked to your company Expensify account, and you’ll be notified every time you make a purchase via push notification!

  4. Enable Two Factor Authentication — We highly recommend enabling Two Factor Authentication on your account. Enabling 2FA is a requirement if you want to be able to dispute Digital Card transactions. This also increases your account security.

  5. Spend on the Card — Make your purchase as you would with any other card. Once your Expensify Card is swiped (or tapped with contactless or your phone!) check your phone. Via a push notification, you’ll be prompted to SmartScan the receipt for the purchase you just made, or Concierge will generate an eReceipt for you. Our eReceipts are IRS-compliant, and offer more coverage than any other provider in the world as nearly 9 out of 10 purchases will have an eReceipt. (Note: The billing address is the same address where the card was delivered. If you need this information for purchases, that's the address you'll use).

  6. Submit your Report — You have been assigned an Unapproved Expense Limit by your company admin. This means that you’ll need to get your expenses approved to regain your expense limit. E.g. A $1,000 unapproved expense limit will mean that a card can have up to $1,000 of unreported, Open or Processing expenses at a time. Your workpace rules are set by your company admin, so you should reach out to them about getting expenses approved.

  7. Relax — That’s it! You’ll be able to report and submit expenses created on your Expensify Card as you would for any other card in Expensify. 

If you have any more questions, email or open a chat in-app. Happy Expensifying!

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