Confusing Email Blast to Employees - "Where should I send your Expensify Card?"

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My employees recently received an email blast from Expensify asking them "Where should I send your Expensify Card"? With the body of the email prompting them to enter mailing information to get their own card.

This email or request was not prompted by me or the administrative team of our company, nor was it requested from the individual employee.

I don't want to write an opinion piece about Expensify's preferred marketing approaches for increasing their card member base, but I will say that I don't approve of this approach to direct market a company's employee databases in an effort to disguise a credit card signup form as a company credit card initiative that seems as first eye to come from the company.

Expensify has been great at "making expense reporting a breeze for employees" (their words, not mine) and I would agree! My suggestion to the Expensify team would be to stick with that general cultural of making things a breeze. For myself, dealing with the confusion and emails I've received from employees about new company cards would pretty squarely not fall under "Breezy".

My last suggestion would be to allow admin's of the company the ability to control marketing and communication related emails to it's employees.


  • Kirk Barrett
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    Our intention certainly wasn't to make your life more difficult, actually quite the opposite! We wanted to make it easy for employees to request this feature be enabled and for you to know which employees had requested it. The nature of the program is such that you have full control over who gets shipped a card and once they have a card the design of the Unapproved Expense Limit is you have total control over exactly how much exposure you have on a per-employee basis: once over that limit, the card turns off until you approve the purchase. If you’d like more granular details on this update, feel free to check out the following Community post

    In any case, it sounds like our attempts to make things easier for you haven't had their intended effect. I'll be sure to pass your feedback along!

  • TamiPeterson14
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    I have to second this feedback.  Rolling out a new feature in Expensify should always start with the ability for an admin to enable or disable this feature - having these emails come to admins directly from the Admin has caused confusion that could have very simply been avoided.  

    If the marketing tactic was to "ask for forgiveness rather than permission," that is a very reckless and non-trustworthy method that is beneath a company that otherwise has been very easy to work with and has truly helped us enable easy and accurate expense reporting and reimbursements.  

    Please, please create an option for admins to turn off the notifications for the card.
  • JohnReynolds
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    This "feature" is being inappropriately marketed. 
  • Michael Haxhiu
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    Thanks for providing the additional feedback, it's greatly appreciated! I'd like to clarify that our intention behind showing this to employees was to help Expensify admins get a sense of internal demand by providing employees with a means of sharing their voice. 

    Since the initial release of this specific Inbox task, we received helpful customer feedback on the update and made several tweaks to the messaging and email notifications. The culmination of the changes are intended to mitigate internal confusion and email notifications.

    I hope this context is useful! We are still open ears to hearing your feedback as we'd like to improve things further.

  • StopExpensifyCard
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    Seems like they want to keep pushing their product the expense of their customers. Since Expensify does not allow you to stop these emails from inundating our employees with something we don't want, we're putting in a rule to block these emails.

  • sfeagans
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    I agree, these e-mails are inappropriate and unwanted and they need to stop. We will put in a rule to block them also, but I would expect better from Expensify.

  • Sdeforest
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    Same issue here. Had to send out company-wide emails because employees though we had instituted a new card policy when in fact we hadn't.