Stop mass advertising to corporate account users.

Brian_ISC2Brian_ISC2 Expensify Customer Posts: 10 Expensify Newcomer
Please stop advertising to Corporate users. Your recent email about your credit card was Horrible. As the Expensify account manager for my company I've been bombarded by emails from employees right up to the CEO wondering what this is and why we have changed out corporate card.


  • ExpenseMasterExpenseMaster Expensify Customer Posts: 9 Expensify Newcomer
    I agree 100% and emailed Expensify about it this morning. Our employees hate the emails from the CEO of Expensify and are now requesting to sign up for the Expensify credit card since they put the notice in all the users inbox! Company credit cards are against our company policy and now is just wasting my time and my employees time. 
  • houstronhoustron Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer
    I feel like account admins are being strong-armed by Expensify via our employees.

    They should focus on selling the product to us and getting our buy-in opposed to going directly to employees to ping us.

    Have also emailed our account rep, really feel like it has changed the dynamic between admins and Expensify.
  • ExpenseMasterExpenseMaster Expensify Customer Posts: 9 Expensify Newcomer
    @houstron I agree with you. 
    We also should have more control over what our employees see with the program.  We should also have more power with features of the program that don't work for us. We need to be able to deactivate some of the features.  We definitely need to stop the advertisements and emails. Every time they do something like this, it costs me hours and hours of time replying to all my employees. My company is now considering finding a different program that will work for us. Especially since for the past year, they have completely disregarded our requests and are continually pushing their emails/advertisements. 
  • JuliaJulia Expensify Customer Posts: 198 Expensify Pro
    @ExpenseMaster I'm in the same boat, and have the same struggles and issues you've had over the past year. They're really taken a bad shift. 
  • ExpenseMasterExpenseMaster Expensify Customer Posts: 9 Expensify Newcomer
    It seems that the inbox ad for the credit card has been reactivated after people have clicked "I will ask in person".  This really has got to stop. It should be our choice on what our employees see. Stop pushing the credit card on the companies that DON'T WANT it. This is even with all the complaints you guys have gotten on the ads. Ridiculous. 
  • Brigid  BelloBrigid Bello Expensify Team Posts: 78 Expensify Team
    So sorry for any confusion caused here. There's actually an Idea post open about this topic, and I would encourage you to add your vote there. We also made this announcement the other day that provides a bit more context into how requesting an Expensify Card works. That you all for taking the time to share this feedback. 
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