Accounting Integration with Xero - I need bill to be created to a contact name NOT to an email addre

leena Expensify Customer Posts: 2

Can Expensify create bill on Xero with the user name instead of email address?

I have around 200 active users who will be using Expensify to submit expenses and I have them all created already on Xero with all their details (name, address, email address, bank account details...). 

Now, I approve a report on Expensify - Expensify is sending the report to Xero - Xero is creating a new contact for my existing user with his email address. I can't have 2 same contact on Xero with one contact name and the other with his email address. Plus I'll have to add all information again on the 'email address contact' to be able to pay this person. 

We got Expensify to reduce our workload but the above will increase it.

Please advise if it's possible for Expensify to create bills to contact names already on Xero.