Citibank Costco Visa Credit Card Import

LLFL Expensify Customer Posts: 1
Hello! Has anyone had trouble connecting to Citibank via the "Import Bank/Card" option? After entering our credentials on the Citibank sign in screen, we get the following error message: "We're sorry. Your request has failed due to an internal error or server unavailability. Please try again later."

We tried multiple times in Firefox and Chrome, cleared our browser caches, tried with and without Incognito or Private browsing, and tried on a different computer -- all with the same error message.

We were connected just fine until two days ago when we deleted our connection. We deleted the connection because we noticed a slew of credit card transactions that weren't being reflected in Expensify. Those transactions coincided with the time we received a new card with a new number, so we thought reconnecting might fix the issue -- BIG MISTAKE!

Support responded to our initial chat. They have been non-responsive for the past 24 hours.

This post says there should be no problem connecting our Citibank Costco Visa card:

This post says there is a problem with connecting Citibank Costco Visa:

Not sure which post is correct. We had no problems before.