Cleared Transactions

DavidGoodnight Expensify Customer Posts: 1
We use Expensify to categorize transactions and use the Corporate Credit Card to pay for those transactions. We also use our personal credit cards. When we reimburse the Personal Cards show the transaction as complete or reimbursed, The one's that use the Corporate Card still show as open. What is the process to mark these transactions through the Corporate Card as closed once they are recorded.


  • Lauren Schurr
    Lauren Schurr Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 137 Expensify Team
    Thanks for writing in, @DavidGoodnight!

    I think I may need a bit more information about your setup in order to answer this question properly. In Expnsify, if a report needs to be reimbursed, the final state of the report with be Reimbursed. If it doesn't need reimbursement, the final state will be Approved.

    Are you exporting transactions to an accounting integration? Let me know if there's more I can clarify!