Please stop posting the card to the card asking the Admin to give it to them

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  • Michelle Niemi
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    HI @TSachs! Thank you for your feedback. The Inbox task you're referring to empowers employees to request a card from you within Expensify. Since we launched this program, employees have been asking us for a way to request this feature from their company. Because we're so focused on making expense reporting a breeze for employees, we've given them a way to do that (more details can be found in this Community post). 

    At this time, while it is not possible to disable the Inbox task entirely, employees should be able to disregard it in case the company is not interested in provisioning the card. Additionally, as the Domain Admin, you are completely in control of the Expensify Card program -- no card will be sent to any employee without you explicitly soliciting one and assigning them an Unapproved Expense Limit.

    Let me know if this clears things up and if you have any other questions — I'd be happy to help!